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5 basic rules for preparing speeches

Atthe Financial director school , Ivan Pirozhkov general director of VM Capital shared practical recommendations on the topic: "5 basic rules for preparing speeches."

The presentation revealed the following aspects:

    • The importance of the target audience;
    • The phases of evolution of the Board;
    • The influence of the decision-making cycle on the final result;
    • Actions in case of unplanned circumstances;
    • Things that are prohibited to do.

You can view the materials on the following links:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


Lectures on “Strategic management in the company”

At the invitation of the General director School, Ivan Pirozhkov joined the Scientific Council and delivered a series of lectures on the topic "Strategic Management in the Company".

On the scale of this subject were covered such issues as

      • The evolution of the company at various stages of life cycles;
      • Strategic approach to planning, strategic thinking, purpose;
      • Types of strategy, key factors that cannot be ignored;
      • The impact of strategy and instruments on business value.
      You can see the material on the link:


Article in “HR Director”

Senior lawyer VM Capital Alexey Pirozhkov published in the journal "HR Director» (№12 for 2016) expert opinion.

The article provides 5 steps how to determine the authenticity of the diploma granted by an employee when applying for a job.

    With articles you can read here: : link


VII Practical conference “Effective management of a group of companies – 2017”

December 1-2, 2016 at the hotel "Radisson Royal" was held VII Practical Conference on "Effective management of a group of companies - 2017", organized by the magazine "Director General".

General Director VM Capital Ivan Pirozhkov was the moderator of the conference, and made a presentation on topical issues of corporate governance.

    Link to the conference: event


Public lecture “Managing changes in the life of manager and employer”

December 8 at 19:00, CEO of VM Capital Ivan Pirozhkov hold an public lecture on "Managing changes in the life of manager and employer".

You will learn:

    • Where they cross the lines of evolution of the company and manager?
    • Practical experience of the transition from the head of the chair seat in businessman.
    • Why management tools do not depend on the industry?
    • What to do if a partner cheated?
    • When you feel that you have no one to talk to, it is worth to learn?

And the answers to your questions

The lecture is free, will be held in room Institute of Professional Retraining NIU "Higher School of Economics", M.Gnezdnikovsky side street, 4, room 313 (3rd floor).

Seats are limited, you can register via the link: registration for the lecture


XII Conference “Shared service centers: organization and development”

21-23 September 2016 in Suzdal, art hotel "Nikolaevskiy Posad" was held XII Conference "Shared service centers: organization and development", organized by the portal CFO-Russia.ru and Club of the CFOs

At the conference, CEO VM Capital Ivan Pirozhkov held a business game on the theme: "The focus in the management of SSC at different stages of development: find your key to success", during which the participants decided to SSC various problems based on real-world examples.

    Key topics of the conference:
    • SSC evaluation of system efficiency
    • Customer relationship management in the SSC: how to increase customer satisfaction?
    • Electronic primary documents - a new recipe optimizing SSC
    • Improving the quality of internal controls in SSC through automation of business processes
    • Improving the efficiency of SSC by optimizing activities and number of employees
    • Development of SLA: how to divide the inheritance the most attention. Approval SLA-tasks with the heads of business units


“The strategy of ensuring the financial stability of the business: the company’s recovery and development funds in the crisis”

On the 22nd and 23rd of April 2016 in the hotel "Radisson Royal" in Moscow will be held the II Practical Conference, organized by the magazine "CEO", devoted to the strategy for the business's financial stability and the means of salvation and development of the company during the crisis..

CEO VM Capital Ivan Pirozhkov will hold the 1st day of the conference as a moderator, and will conduct the master class "The restructuring of the loan portfolio" in the 2nd day. Participants of the conference will discuss in detail the practical tools to increase the financial efficiency of enterprises, exchange experience with colleagues, CFOs of other companies concerning anti-crisis issues. During this event the important topics for CEOs and CFOs will be highlighted, such as “what awaits us tomorrow”, “what to save” and “where to get the money”.

    The conference program:
    • The main events and trends that affect the operation of your company in the second half of 2016
    • Tax policy: changes in the near future
    • Preparing the annual report: how to represent the crisis for shareholders
    • Adjustments to the budget for the second half of 2016: what to fix and how
    • Bad advice on cost optimization: 25 common mistakes cost reduction
    • Let's eat grandma: fast rules to get rid of loss-making companies and projects
    • Cost reduction program step by step: when all superfluous are already cut
    • Systematic approach for staff optimization: without risk, without nerves, without undue payments
    • Where, how and under what conditions: the sources of financing of the current activity is not for the “rich”
    • Expensive, little, problems are guaranteed: the unspoken rules of the restructuring of bank loans
    • Accounts payable - is it expensive? Economically reasonable rules for dealing with deferred payment
    • Step by step the rules of work with accounts receivable: how not to lose money on trust For more information about the II conference can be found here: conference


“Which key performance indicators to include in reporting for the owner and how to present them in best way?”

February 10, 2016 in Moscow, CEO of VM Capital Ivan Pirozhkov held a webinar on "Reporting to the owners of the group of companies: which indicators to include and how to present them."

Several topics were raised during the webinar:

  • What is important to know the owners
  • The practice of reporting of key performance indicators
  • Interpretations and corrections: what is important to focus on
  • The business evolution: the company's development stage affects the reporting content
  • Reporting depends on the business structure
        Full information about the event can be found at the following links:webinar video