Abbreviation VM in the name of the company comes from the English meaning the Value Management.

We help medium-sized Russian companies to become a large successful and competitive businesses attractive for investments.
VM CAPITAL combines many years of successful practice of various managers and experts to increase the business value of companies using various tools of financial and corporate management, design and optimization of business processes, considering the features of different stages of company growth.

Our expertise

VM Capital – team of experts who has many years of following experience:



There are two ways to creation the value of business:

Create “package” or “getting up” company for transaction, for investor. In this case company invite auditors, lawyers and quickly usually without business managers “package” the company according to the certain standards of transaction.

Like students memorize the topics for exams, managers of company prepare to transaction and then forget all the information and come back to the day-to-day business affairs.

VM CAPITAL‘s way — form the value “from inside”, work with fundamental factors of value, involving managers to build the business processes, meet the highest standards of modern management.

Such way allows to structure the fundamental value and obtain long-term competitive advantage over other player in the market and also for the investors and creditors.

There are three basic principles differ VM Capital frоm other management consulting companies:



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